How the Flu Saved Christmas

With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore, Dr. Seuss and poets everywhere.

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas and inside my brain
Were To Do’s and Lists, long and insane.
So much to get done, all tasks fall to me
From purchasing presents to trimming the tree.

What to get Grandma? And Auntie? And You?
Teachers and besties and the husband, too.
And of course both the children, all snug in their beds,
Have visions of Lego Mechs a whirl in their heads.

My Christmas décor is less Martha, more hoarder
(Not to mention the Legos are both on backorder!)
Cookies to bake and cards I should send
And menus to plan and jeans I need mend.

Got Christmas spirit? Let’s hear it!


When up from my tummy arose such a rumble
it could have come from that Abominable Bumble
I sat for a moment to gather myself
And try to brainstorm for our Elf on the Shelf…

But my head was aching and my stomach did cramp
I was freezing cold but my forehead was damp.
The flu? Not the flu! I began to panic
No way there’s no time in a season so manic!

But away to the bathroom and phew just in time
(There’s no need to tell you what happened in rhyme.)
My head started to spin and I thought I must go
But my body responded: oh girl, hell no.

I was down, I was out, WebMD said to rest
And my friends who had had it agreed that was best.
But who would do all the things I should do?
From lunches to field trips and tomorrow night’s stew?

I retreated to bed curled in a ball
Worried about my people so small.
I sent a quick text to ask for some aid
(UBER for kids I would gladly have paid!)

And what to my wondering eyes did appear?
So many people whom I hold quite dear.
Sara got one kid, Katrina the other,
Abbie brought crackers (she’s such a good mother!)

Friends offered food, sympathy, aid
And after a long nap I was no longer afraid.
While I was sad to be sick, it’s never ideal
I was thankful for those with parental zeal.

Who stepped up to help us and remind me again
How lucky I am to have such sweet friends.
Holidays are special for the people we see
Carols and cocoa are basically free.

I’m sad to admit that it took the flu
To remind this tired momma that it’s not all on you
Things will get done, one way or another,
It’s too bad that it often feels like a mother.

I owe it to myself to be healthy and well
And stay one step ahead of stomach flu hell.
So I make a pledge to put under the tree
For a peaceful season; to aim for stress-free

I know from The Grinch and his tale often told
Christmas is not about things that are sold
So my list goes undone, ‘cause tonight my boys
Want to snuggle with Mama and that brings me joys.

We watch Elf or Rudolph and fill up on treats
Outside the rain is falling in sheets.
Christmas will come, checklist or no
(Though would be scenic to have some snow…)

I can’t control weather, or most anything
Except for the joy to the season I bring.
Christmas magic is special, boys grow up too fast
I hope we that we make memories to last.

And soon Christmas morning will find us right here
(I might whip up my own grown-up cheer!)
Safe and warm with family
What a perfect place to be.